Dynamic health comes from a strong connection to the Self through the Mind, Body and Spirit. In this way we open ourselves to full spectrum Well-Being, bringing more pleasure, joy, courage and ease into our lives.  
                          One breath at a time, one day at a time.

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Naia has studied with leading teachers in yoga, nutrition, bodywork, dance and intimacy and transformational coaching for over 20 years. She has developed a dynamic  approach to health, healing and self-empowerment that touches on many levels of the mind, body and spirit. Naia is passionate about sharing ways to bring all these elements into the lives of those who are ready to go for their dreams and live a life of beauty, joy, passion and dedication.

Everything starts with the Breath... We vitalize our Bodies and watch where our Intution
leads. Movement or Meditation, Dance or Song, there are 
so many ways to engage with Life. As a coach I really want
to Know what gets you excited and what you Dream of doing.
Please feel free to send me an email and let's start by having a
skype chat or meeting for tea and see if we are a good fit. At
the moment i am based in Iceland. I am offering Yoga, Contact
Dance and Cacao journeys...Join me on the path.. And if you
are elsewhere drop me an email. In Light and Love  

The Prana Sanctuary is here to help you to expand your lifestyle and empower you to:
-Prepare holistic meals for greater energy and vitality
-Discover nutritional deficiencies (and ways to rebalance)
-Introduce whole foods supplements and healthy healing water 
-Prepare for and follow cleansing and detox programs
-Tailor a yoga practice that enlivens, inspires and challenges.
-Refine structural alignments to avoid injury and develop core strength 
-Lower stress and increase clarity with cutting edge transformational practices  
-Create sacred space in your home for your yoga and vision practice
-Clarify goals and intentions, move towards your dreams
Please contact me for a free 1 hour introductory consultation. Tell me what you are inspired to Change and Expand and let's get inspired together to see how we can help you move towards your Dreams.  

  Naia Louise 
​​​​​​ thepranasanctuary@gmail.com

                          The only journey is the One within
                                                                ~Rainer Maria Rilke