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Helping to fine tune your life practice 

Free One Hour Consultation with all programs

~The Journey Begins~
~Identifying Blocks, Deficiencies and Patterns

The first step to lifestyle changes is to honestly look at where you are and what you really want to bring in. From there we can begin to add practices that will give you inspiration and courage to keep moving towards what you desire and deserve

1) What is your Morning Ritual and does it sustain and vitalize you for the day?

Let's take time to ask simple yet powerful questions that help to point out what patterns may be influencing you. ​We begin at the beginning where you are at this moment. What you first eat, drink and think upon waking can affect your whole day. We will offer you healthy inspiration from morning meditations to healthy smoothies and meals to energize you for the day. Once you find balance here, the rest becomes easier to untangle.

2) Are you Breathing, Moving and Releasing stagnant energy?
Walking, dancing, stretching and smiling are essential to your vitality. Let us guide you into the many ways we can find energy and vitality through movement. Yoga is a incredible way to stretch, breather and connect to the body mind. Dance allows one to release pent up energy and shake loose in order to find creativity and release. We will help you find what is perfect for you so you can keep shining as brightly and manifesting as beautifully as you desire.  

 3) Do you take time to Truly Relax, To Unplug and Let yourself Bathe in The Light?
​Taking time to be silent, gentle and loving with yourself is necessary for your well being​. We offer many ways to connect to stillness through guided meditation, yin yoga for deep rest and gentle practices that truly nurture the inner self. Journaling, Guided meditation and nature are great ways to reconnect to stillness and peace where we can really recharge.  

$2000/ 5 two hour sessions to be used within 2 months

~Diving Deeper
~Strengthening and Refining Your Yoga Practice

Here we focus on deepening your yoga practice. Whether you are still new to yoga or have been practicing for some time, refining your practice can help you avoid long term wear and tear. Personal one on one guidance can identify alignment patterns and make sure your practice is truly nourishing and strengthening you.

1) Have you noticed any discomfort in specific areas recurring after your practice?
 These can signal that you are not structurally aligned in all aspects of your practice​​. Let me help you identify where you may need a little refining in order to be sure you are creating a long lasting healing practice.

2) Are you having difficulty with certain poses while others are easy?     
 We are each naturally stronger and more flexible in certain areas, here we will look at your weak areas and find ways to strengthen them and bring greater awareness to how you are practicing in order to balance them out. 

3) Core Strength     
  Your yoga practice can be something in your life that nurtures, strengthens and deepens your connection to yourself and the world around you. Making sure you are practicing in a way that supports your structural integrity is essential to make this a vital, healing practice for your body, allowing the mind and spirit to settle. Core strength will allow you to find better balance and flexibility while maintaining integrity. Core strength is essential to your practice, keeping your spine free to express without strain.
$2000/5 two hour sessions to be used within 2 months

​~Finding ways to Relax, Renew and Find Calm
~Taking time For Peace

Here we look at what is causing stress in your life and find ways to create sanctuary in your home and in your practice that will give you the much needed time out you need from the busy world. Guided visualizations, meditations and transformational coaching are at the core of this practice.

1) Do you feel like you are not keeping up with the demands of your life?
~when we do not give ourselves the time to relax and renew, we can become depleted by the pace of life​. Today with the modern amenities we are moving faster than ever. Let's be sure you are creating time and space for your internal compass so that you are recharging regularly.

2) Do you wish you had healthier ways of taking time out?
  ~we are surrounded by entertainment in our world but this is often not true relaxation​​, let me help you to find ways to truly unplug and recharge in healthy life giving ways. There is so much to explore in the world of relaxation and meditation, i promise you will find something that will truly nourish you.

3) Do you feel you might benefit from a Transformational coach?
~ I offer a practice called Harmony Integration which was created by distilling and synthesizing very effective methods in therapy, cognitive research and human potential. These precisely guided, emotional medicine protocols are ultra effective and simple in relieving mental & emotional stress.

​2000$/5 two hour sessions within 2 months

Private One on One sessions

~Private Yoga Session~ $100/hour

Naia will help you to move through a practice where we will focus on correct alignment, core development and fine tuning of more challenging poses. This is an excellent way to see if you are moving through your practice in such a way as to avoid injury, develop the skills to take you deeper and make sure are on your way to a lifelong practice that truly serves you.   

​ ~Couples Yoga ~ $120/hour  
  A private yoga class that can nurture your relationship in these dynamic times

Naia offers yoga sessions for couples that help to nurture and assist you in creating a practice that honors the physical and emotional aspects of living in partnership. This is a fun, relaxing and nourishing practice for beginners and intermediate practitioners alike looking to deepen their yoga practice and find a way to connect with their significant other.

  ~Creating Sacred Space ~ $100/90minutes 
  Finding ways to create more beauty and sacredness in your home

Naia is honored to help you create sacred space in your home so that you may find more beauty, functionality and intention. This will honor your growing yoga practice and/or wellness choices. In a fun, gentle way, we will look at the use of space and ways in which we can clear what does not serve you, embellishing what is there and inviting a calming effect that inspires your practice and helps you to see your inner beauty reflected throughout your homespace.

I invite you to move towards your dreams today with full guidance and support. 
My greatest passion is to others achieve their greatest dreams.
Let's Do This!