The Prana Sanctuary

w/ Naia Louise

Yoga at Home

      there is an awakening happening 

and the embodiment of our love, passion and presence

is at the centre of this awakening

humanity is ready to begin the journey back to self

it is a long and winding road of remembering

and though challenging there is so much to celebrate

The Prana sanctuary


Physical, Emotional, spiritual and Sensual support

Your Authentic self is calling you home

Let your Genius out




Embodiment is the glorious journey we experience through the language of our body and mind and how it moves us in the world we are creating.  Join me in exploring and redefining our relationship with Embodiment through many pathways that all meet in the Heart.  




This is the signature offering of the Prana Sanctuary. Conscious Connected Breath is now scientifically recognized as a powerful healing practice that can assist the body, mind and heart to come into attunement. This session guides the breather into resonance  with their parasympatheric nervous system allowing the body mind and heart to clear outdated patterns and facilitate healing integration.  Group circles and Private one-one sessions offered.


The Sophia Code is a Modern Day Mystery School that allows us to mentor directly with a High Council of Divine Feminine Christ Ascended Masters. They are here to assist Humanity to Reclaim its Sovereign Divinity while embodying all of our very real human feelings. This living transmission from the Sophia Dragon Tribe is a call across the ages to awaken together at this time of Great Change wingtip to wingtip with Sophia Source as our Guide.


Soma Breath 


Soma Breath is a powerful practice that brings together aspects of hypnotherapy, intention, rhythmic breathing and hypoxia training. Using our intentions as gateways, we breathe in beats to create heart and brain coherence and build a strong bridge to our parasympathetic nervous system which is where we regenerate and re-pattern the body and mind. Hypoxia training is becoming recognized scientifically as a way to activate dormant stem cells and strengthen our resilience through air hunger. 

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