Naia Louise

The journey of Healing,  Integration and Embodiment began in my early life as a response to experiences that felt overwhelming. As a very sensitive child and young woman, my search to find balance began with dance. I found a peace in movement that allowed me to slow down my overactive mind and to begin to drop more deeply into my skin and bones. It lead to yoga and breathwork and the joy of meeting many teachers and friends along the way that shared practices and inspiration to increase my well being and my passion for life. The joy of embodiment is our divine birthright. It does, however, need to be cultivated in order to fully mature and become the ecstatic joyous expression that our inner self so desires and deserves. You are worthy of deep inspired full on blissful embodiment. Let's work together to awaken that inner essence in you. Your authentic self is calling you home.


Trainings and Certificates

Practice and Lifepath

It has been a priviledge to be on a path of awakening through the arts of body mind and spirit for the better part of 20 years. Every teacher I have had the blessing to train with lead me further down my own personal path. I thrive in intensives and incubators that are hands on and deeply investigative. The Somatic arts of Healing through embodiment are what illuminates my practice. The body doesn't lie, the guidance system of the emotions is never a punishment and the mind is a wonderful servant needing loving compassionate and constant guidance every day. When we can find the delicate balance of honoring each of these bodies and harmonizing them with Spirit, we re-enter Life with renewed vitality and so much more curiosity. The journey is the Way.

Training and Practice


Soma Breath Facilitator Training

Offering Soma Breath Awakenings

International Breathwave Certification

Conscious Connected Breath Facilitator Training 

Offering Breathwork, Guided Meditation, Cacao Ceremonies and private sessions worldwide.


200 hour YYT with Shiva Rea.

Private Yoga Teacher , NYC

Tantra Training with lead NYC teachers.

2015 - present

Cacao ceremony initiations in Iceland and Guatemala with leading teachers. 


Offering and Curating cacao ceremonies in NYC, Iceland, Paris and Chicago

2014 - Present

Global Embodiment Coach, Yoga Tantra Provider, Ceremonialist, Movement and Meditation Guide  


Sensuality, Tantra and Embodiment Training and Incubator. 3 months fulltime



Yoga and Tantra Provider and Meditation Teacher, Vancouver BC, Canada


Lead Yoga Teacher at Lotus Yoga Reykjavik, Iceland

2 Year Nutritional Counseling Certification from the 

Alternative Medicine College of Canada.


Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours

Chakra Yoga and Dance

Ongoing full time student for 2 years in Los Angeles

 with leading global yoga teachers Shiva Rea, Sean Corne, Saul David Raye, Max Strom and Eric Schiffman. 


Ongoing student of 5 rhythms Dance, Contact Dance Improvisation and Bellydance.

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