Yoga at Home


Naia Louise

Embodiment as the Way Home.

I am passionate about feeling fully alive, fully present and fully embodied.


Finding the freedom to truly enjoy life is a path of discovery, uncovering and recovery from the many places we have experienced disconnection. 

As human beings, we are full of love and full of longing, always changing and evolving. We seek connection, pleasure and vitality because it is our natural state. 

I am profoundly honored to share the many paths and practices that have helped me to heal from past trauma, activate more potential and find purpose and passion in a wild world. Finding our balance and confidence to trust each moment life brings is a path of self-care, self-love and self-regeneration.

Yoga opened my Heart and lead me towards Breathwork, Dance and Meditation which are all paths back to to our centre where our genius awaits. 

Let us journey together into the Heart of Embodiement.

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