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Emotional Fluidity

Updated: May 4, 2020

We've all heard the saying, go with the flow. But what does it really mean to go with the flow?

We have an emotional guidance system thats only purpose is to give us moment by moment biofeedback designed to help us navigate our environment.

Trusting ourselves and our Feelings is the Journey back to present moment awareness.

Reclaiming our Connection to the natural rhythm of our Emotions.

Our emotional world is deep and powerful yet equally subtle and internal. The current of information that colours much of what we think and feel is what makes this human experience so magical and at times such a headache. In many spiritual practices there is a deep respect for equanimity, which i share and practice on a daily basis. Finding balance is key to being in relationship with life, rather than being lead by our reactions to what our lives may be bringing to us. That said, finding balance within our emotional body is the rich and at times challenging journey of opening up to what we are feeling and creating a relationship to our feelings where we are able to feel fully what moves through us while learning to channel and move these emotions safely, lovingly and positively.

Emotion has the word motion in it and this is truly the key to understanding and navigating the sometimes difficult waters of our emotional guidance system. When i began learning different practices like non-violent communication, gestalt therapy, and other various practices that show us ways to feel deeply into our inner worlds, i realized how big this was. It has been a long and wild journey to find practices to honor strong feelings while respecting others and myself along the way. I was struck by just how stuck many of us, including myself, are in this world in terms of allowing our emotional states freedom to move while maintaining healthy boundaries with our own self care and in relationship with others.

I feel that it all starts by accepting that the emotional spectrum of positive and negative emotions are a guidance system. This means that they are not there to harm us or punish us, they are there to show us where we are and how it is affecting us. In order to learn to use our guidance system in its most beneficial way, we need to make peace with this. When we can begin to trust our feelings and that they are there to show us how life is affecting us and if we can begin to listen deeply, which way to move next.

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