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Forest Bathing

Updated: May 4, 2020

Something so simple as a walk in the natural world is at last being recognized for its benefits on the body and mind. Come on. Just go hug a tree.

Welcome to the Prana Sanctuary. It is my pleasure and passion to share tools with you that assist in restoring balance to the body and mind through breath sound and movement.

Tree Hugging is in!

Are you feeling edgy and anxious, sitting at your computer or rushing around to get all the little and big things done? It's now scientifically recognized that a walk in the trees can be just what the doctor ordered.

The simplest things we loved as children could be the best medicine for screen fatigue or lack luster energy. So let's go for a walk and breathe in that forest air.

Get your sweater, let's go for a walk.

The speed of our world is beginning to show its effects on our wellbeing. One of my motto's is stay human and that begins with nature. The green world under our feet is at last being recognized as the medicine that it is. The oxygen rich forest is a breath of fresh air and it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to kick in. In a world gone digital, we must remember to unplug frequently and take in the simplicity of nature as often as we can.

As we return to Life after the Global Shutdown, Nature will be the star.

The Natural world is our Self Regulating super star.

As we come out of one of the most unprecedented and strange events in the history of our world, I believe our relationship with the natural world will become more important and also more apparent in terms of the health benefits that nature provides. Physical well being is of course easily noticeable but let's not forget our mental and emotional health when we get off of our devices and into the natural world that truly is the living intelligence of our world and a vital impactful teacher and healer that we are now beginning to reclaim.

Find your way back to the woods

Technology has been a very important part of the quick evolution of our world in the last decade and there is so much there to be thankful for. It has, however, impacted the simpler aspects of human life like walking out the house and getting out of our comfort zone and our consumption of information and entertainment. Let's give ourselves a loving push and get up and out into the fresh air.

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