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The Art of Surrender

Updated: May 24, 2020

Letting go is an art form. Nature is the best artist. How can we mirror her?

In a world like ours, in an age like ours it seems we are destined to become artists in surrender.

Letting go is an important yet sometimes difficult part of life. How can we create new pathways of surrender that assist us in meeting the moments where life faces us with letting go? And can we even enjoy the process?

The Age of Grace. What does that invoke in you when you hear those words? Does something soften, is there a momentary stillness that enters? I was hoping for something like that because indeed that is what Grace can offer us. In a world moving at the lightning speed of constant change, easing into Grace and finding spaces to surrender is elusive, and yet so very important.

Every step we take towards Grace and Surrender is a step towards return. In a world like ours that celebrates action, evolution and success, surrender can sometimes be interpreted as something negative. On some level it does imply negative space, or empty space which is not a negative thing. It is, however, an often difficult thing to approach and enter as our society keeps encouraging our long list of to do's and doesn't roar with delight at our desire to just stop, pause and surrender. The space in which we allow the soft embrace of surrendering to what is no longer needed in our lives is where the fertile ground of our creativity can again arise.

Surrender ~ A sacred practice

I soften my eyes and take a deep breath in. I let my eyes semi close and I look out onto a lake to take in the evening sun. The birds are quiet, the water ripples quietly, the day surrenders into the coming shadows of the night without a fight. As i allow myself to enjoy the shift from my daily actions, I allow the soft spacious emptiness to fill my senses. I allow a few of the things that wound me up today to come close to my heart and I breathe deeply into them and then lovingly exhale them into the setting sun. I pause from needing anything and allow my mind and heart to enter the quiet of this moment. I sit with surrender and surrender sits with me. We breathe.

Did you enjoy this short journey?

Was it easy to imagine yourself just simply letting go?

We have entered one of the most interconnected and plugged in times in our history and as incredible as it is for our culture and civilisation, it has made it much harder to stop and do nothing. One of the things I find about so interesting about "doing nothing", is that when we stop, pause and surrender we are doing so very much. Offering our bio-energetic system, our nervous system and our emotional system a break from all the doing, figuring out, action oriented thinking allows us to step into the vastness of all that we are. Much of our being is nourished by the slow empty spaces that don't carry answers, they carry life force. It is a practice. It is a joy. It is a remembering. It is a return.

Guided Meditations

Enjoy the guided meditations here to assist you in creating space in your days to rebuild your pathway back to your inner self. There is a richness in our surrender. There is our message.

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