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Naia shares several breath techniques that liberate life force energy, activate all inner body systems and can assist in mental and emotional integration. She shares Breathwave in a healing session that uses deep slow rhythmic breathing, also known as Conscious Connected Breath to assist in relaxing the nervous system and deeply oxygenating the body. Soma Breath Awakening is the other practice that she shares that is more designed for cell regeneration and focus and intention practice.


The Sophia Code is a Living Transmission from the Sophia Dragon Tribe  that brings the good 

news of Sovereign Divinity to Humanity. Mentoring directly with high level Ascended Masters we

walk side by side with incredible love and encouragement as well as practical steps that help us 

to reconciliate with our Innocence and Strength in order to live more full vibrant free lives.


Tantra is an ancient sanskrit word that means, among its may definitions, the dance of the two that become one. The body and the mind, the masculine and the feminine, the yin and the yang, the fire and the water. These sessions are a blend of practices that  help to create more trust love and understanding in our relationships. These are freedom techniques to access and express more pleasure, joy and grace. Through breath sound and movement, you will receive more of your life force energy and tools to build deeper intimacy with our beloveds


Navigating our Emotions and being Free within our Emotions is a beautiful journey into the heights and depths of our daily experience. This practice is about supporting you to befriend your emotional guidance system and trust the natural ebb and flow of your feelings.


These are guided meditations designed to assist you in letting go of the stressors of the day and to enter into deep states of relaxation where you can rest and renew.

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